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          2. ​Zhangjiakou ​Zhangjiakou
          3. Xiong’an New Area Xiong’an New Area
          4. ​Xingtai ​Xingtai
          5. Xinji Xinji
          6. Tangshan Tangshan
          7. Scenic spot
          8. Shijiazhuang
          9. Zhangjiakou
          10. Chengde
          11. Handan
          12. Qinhuangdao
          13. Tangshan
          14. Baoding
          15. Hengshui
          16. Xingtai
          17. Langfang
          18. Cangzhou
          19. Dingzhou
          20. Xinji
          21. Xiongan
          22. ​Tiangui Mountain

            Mountain is a typical area of mountains and ancient temples that is very famous in North China. It i...

            Longxing Temple

            Zhengding Longxing Temple is located in Zhengding County and it is AAAA level scenic area. Architect...

            Zhaozhou Bridge

            Zhaozhou Bridge was designed and built by famous craftsman Li Chun in Sui Dynasty 1400 years ago. It...

            Mount Cangyan

            reputation that“ Mount Cangyan has the beauty of the Five Great Mountains in China in one and tops ...

            Dajing Gate Scenic Area

            Zhangjiakou and famous for its strategic importance

            The Yellow Emperor Site Cultural Tourism Area

            ancestors culture and the basis-laying place of China. The Yellow Emperor Site Cultural Tourism Area...

            Chicheng Hot Spring

            Chicheng Hot Spring, also called Tang Hot Spring, or the First Spring beyond the Shanhai Pass

            Chengde Mountain Resort

            Mountain Resort was built between 89 years time of 1703 and 1792 of two emperors, Kangxi and Qianlon...

            ​Jinshan Mountain Great Wall

            Mountain Great Wall,located at the junction of Luanping County, Chengde and Miyun County, Beijing

            ​Khan Palace Scenic Area

            Fengning, Chengde City, on the grassland in northern Beijing

            Guangfu Ancient Town

            Yongnian County

            ​Xiangtang Mountain Grotto

            beautiful Gushan Mountain. The grotto is so deep that when people clap their hands, there will be re...

            Goddess Nvwa’s Palace

            Zhonghuang Mountain

            Jingniang Lake

            romantic story between Emperor Taizu of Song Dynasty and a lady called Jingniang. The scenic spot co...

            Huaxia Manor, Changli County

            subsidiary company of the Fortune 500 Company China Oil and Foodstuffs Corporation

            The First Pass Under Heaven, Shanhai Pass

            preserved Great Wall military defense system. The First Pass Under Heaven embrasured watchtower, als...

            ​Sand Sculpture Sea Par

            Sculpture Sea Park, located in the Golden Beach Natural Reserve of Beidaihe New Area, is a comprehen...

            Caofeidian Wetland

            Caofeidian, also named Shaleidian, is a silt island in the east of Laoting County, Tangshan

            Jingzhong Mountain

            Jingzhong Mountain, located in Qianxi County

            Tangshan International Tourism Island

            Tangshan International Tourism Island, located on Bohai Coast in the southeast of Tangshan City, is ...

            Qing Eastern Tombs

            Province, Qing Eastern Tombs is between Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan, Chengde and Qinhuangdao, 125 kil...


            Baoding, located in the interior of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang

            Baishi Mountain Scenic Area

            Shijiazhuang. The mountain, famous for its white marbles, is standing on the north end of the Taihan...

            Langya Mountain

            Mountain, located in the southwest of Yixian County, contains five heaps and 36 steep and precipitou...

            ​Tiansheng Bridge Natural Scenic Area

            waterfall group in North China and the largest natural wonder - Tiansheng Bridge that’s formed by g...

            Wuqiang Spring Festival Pictures Museum

            Festival Pictures, located in Wuqiang County, symbolizes the hometown of spring festival pictures ar...

            Hengshui Lake

            Hengshui Lake, also called Qianqing Low-lying Land, connects two cities

            Tianhe Mountain

            Mountain Scenic Area, also called China’s mountain of romantic love, is located at the boarders of ...

            Qiannanyu Valley

            Qiannanyu National Forest Park, located in Jiangshui Town, Xingtai County, includes ten scenic areas...

            The Kongshan White Cloud Cave

            Kongshan White Cloud Cave was discovered by chance in 1988 when local villagers excavated the mounta...

            Bian Que Temple

            attraction, is located at the foot of Queshan Mountain in Shentou Village, 26 kilometers west of Nei...

            The First City Scenic Area

            beautiful scenes in four seasons make the place like a picture, and this is Zhongxin Guoan First Cit...

            Mingtang Hot Spring

            Mingtang Hot Spring is located to the east of Bazhou Economic and Technology Development Area

            Wuqiao Acrobatics World

            southeast of Hebei Province, is the birthplace and hometown of China’s acrobatics. Wuqiao Acrobatic...

            Iron Buddha Temple

            that“ There are Cangzhou Lion and Jingzhou Tower, and also the Iron Buddha of Dongguang County”. T...


            Province and interior of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, the AAAAA level Baiyangdian Scenic Area ...

            Tourism and shopping
            Neiqiu Xing Ceramic Whiteware

            birthplace of Chinese ceramic whiteware

            Xinji Leatherware

            leatherware enjoys a long history, which starts from Ming Dynasty and flourished in Qing Dynasty

            Dingzhou Sild Tapestry

            product”,“inch of silk tapestry is money”. Silk tapestry reached its peak in Song Dynasty. By the...

            Chaigoubu Smoked Meat

            Tradition has it that a chef named Guo Xi opened a butcher’s shop in Chaigoubu Ancient Town during ...

            Beiyue (North Sacred Mountain) Temple in Quyang,

            In 1982, the temple became a Key Cultural Relics Site under State Protection, and the numerous ancie...

            Qingshan Pass, to touch the old time in the anci

            Qingshan Pass is unique in that it has a well-preserved Ming Dynasty ancient town.

            “Back Shadow of A Dynasty”-Western Qing Tombs:

            obligation of guarding the tomb. Walking into the Fenghuangtai (Phoenix) Village, you will feel like...

            Canshakou Village, Caofeidian Wetland: to Embrac

            Canshakou Village, located at the estuary of Suhe River of the Bohai Bay and it is under the jurisdi...

            Tourism services